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We’re Emily and Ryan Burhop

…the husband and wife wedding photography team behind Emry Photography.

We call sunny San Diego home, along with our peanut butter-addicted little man, Jude Irie, and we’ve been capturing weddings across Southern California and beyond for more than 10 years now.

But we see ourselves as more than just photographers. We see ourselves as storytellers and to us every story of life, love, and human experience should be shared to inspire, connect us, and remind us of what is truly important in life.

The love, the laughter, the tears, the toasts, the pure unadulterated emotion, the moments that shape us into who we are; these are the moments we live to capture.

We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by a talented team of creatives, including videographers and photographers, that allow us to bring the Emry Photography experience to more couples than ever before.

We look forward to meeting you and hearing all about your wedding plans!

Emily + Ryan

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emily burhop

as told by ryan

First and foremost Emily is a mother to our wildly curious, snuggly, little man, Jude Irie. She is always active and creative! If she’s not chasing Jude, lifting or doing yoga, she’s writing a blog post, mastering some DIY project, or playing around with her first love, makeup. (Emily has been doing makeup professionally for 10+ years—a skill that comes in very handy for touch ups on weddings days.)

If she doesn’t have a pen or makeup brush in hand, it will most likely be a coffee or glass of red wine, depending on the time of day, of course! I’m ever so grateful Emily decided to pick up a camera many years ago and join me on this crazy journey of running our family business doing what we love, connecting with people, and documenting beauty.

Emily completed her university degree in Biological Sciences (yes, she’s a science nerd too!).

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ryan burhop

as told by Emily

Spend just two minutes watching the way Ryan interacts with our son, Jude, and it’s clear they’re the centre of each other’s universe. I could watch them together all day!

I don’t know if it was his childhood spent on his grandparent’s farm in Wisconsin or his upbringing in the mountains of Boulder, Colorado but Ryan is the epitome of an adventurer. He loves hunting and fishing, toying around on his motorcycle and catching concerts on a whim.

But then he’s also incredibly artistic! He can play piano by ear, (I’m not jealous…), has been fascinated with photography since the eighth grade, and is in his elements finding the best angles, shadows and light.

Ryan in a nutshell? Outdoorsman, adventurer and light chaser!

Ryan makes friends out of strangers everywhere… even the line at In N’ Out burger! No joke. I actually incorporated this fact into our wedding vows—it’s completely endearing.

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 They are such an amazing team!

We received a little sneak peak of photos a couple of days after our wedding and then our full gallery a week and a half later. We couldn’t believe how quickly they managed to edit our photos, and the results were amazing!


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