Based out of sunny San Diego, CA.  We are Emily and Ryan Burhop, a husband and wife wedding photography team passionate about living every day to its fullest.  We are dedicated to a life centered around family, creativity, humor and heart.  We see the world through a lens looking for that perfect light that will ultimately illuminate our couple’s magical moments.  We see ourselves as more than just photographers, we see ourselves as storytellers and to us every story of life, love, and human experience should be shared to inspire and connect us all with the greatest emotion one can ever feel, LOVE.  We are not here to create moments but rather to create windows back to the moments that you and your guests are creating.  Capturing the emotion for future generations to look upon and cherish, and to remind us of what is truly important in life.  The love, the laughter, the tears, the pure unadulterated emotion, the moments that shape us into who we are.  It is our goal at every wedding to not just take great photos, but to add to the experience.  We hope our images will tell your love story for years to come.




…(As told by Ryan)

First and foremost Emily is a mother to our wildly curious, snuggly, peanut butter addicted little man, Jude Irie. If she’s not chasing the baby around she will be doing some other physical activity, whether it be running, lifting or yoga she makes time to stay active for her mind and body. Otherwise you’ll find her doing something creative from writing a blog post or mastering some DIY project to playing around with her first love, makeup. Emily will always have a pen or makeup brush in hand and most likely a coffee or glass of red wine (depending on the time of day). She has been doing makeup professionally for 10 years now but its clear that it has been her passion since the start. As a toddler Emily would tag along with her mother as she sold Avon door to door and choose colors for clients, she has always been enthralled with beauty and enhancing the natural beauty around her. After completing her degree in Biological Sciences (yes, she’s a science nerd too) she has decided to take this crazy journey with me and fulfill our dream of having our very own family business doing what we love, connecting with people and documenting beauty.

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…(As told by Emily)

A Devoted father, spend just two minutes talking to Ryan and it’s clear that Jude is the center of his universe. Get one glimpse of the way Jude looks at Ryan and it’s clear that it goes both ways. I could watch these two together all day. I don’t know if it was his childhood spent on his grandparent’s farm in Wisconsin or his upbringing in the mountains of Boulder, Colorado but Ryan is the epitome of an outdoorsman. Hunting, fishing and loving everyday could be the theme song to Ryan’s life. I’m pretty sure it has also served as the foundation for his adventurous side. Ryan loves toying around on his motorcycle, catching concerts on a whim and making friends out of strangers wherever he goes like the line at In N’ Out or a red light to name a few (no joke, I actually incorporated this fact into our wedding vows, it’s completely endearing). Ryan’s love of art ranges from music (he can play piano by ear) to photography, which he has been fascinated with since the eighth grade. I love to see him in his element finding the angles, shadows and the light. So there you have it, Ryan in a nutshell: outdoorsman, adventurer and light chaser.

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We have been together for 10 years, married for four, and meant for each other since the beginning.  After both growing up in the open fields and quiet streets of the midwest, we have now made San Diego, California our home.  The west coast speaks to our souls.  Raising a family near the ocean, mountains, and desert was always a dream, and we have now made it a reality with our son, Jude.  California inspires us in so many ways.  It has taught us to dream bigger, to live a little slower, to explore, relish in good company, sip good wine (or tasty microbrews), reach for our dreams, and truly embrace life. The biggest thank you for taking the time to visit us here, you're doing an awesome job at this whole wedding planning thing. We hope we've made it worth your while & you've found what you are looking for in a wedding photographer in us. 

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