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At EMRY we are always trying to push the boundaries of storytelling. So, naturally we wanted to offer a collective approach to telling your love story. Enter Adam and Dan, an integral part of our team of creatives. Adam and Dan and their temas craft a mind-blowing cinematic experience allowing you to relive your wedding day. Like your photographer your videographer is going to be at your side all day documenting each memory as you make them. Like us, they make an effort to get to know you both on a deeper level. We aim to draw out what makes your relationship unique, which  gives us the ability to capture those raw and unguarded moments. No two couples, love stories or weddings are the same and either are our wedding films. We create films that reflect the two of you, your love story and your wedding. We believe every wedding has a story to tell and stories belong in books or as a visual narrative in cinema. We push our creative boundaries to create a film for the two of you that is so much more than a collection of pretty photographs accompanied by music. We craft your love story using the audio from your wedding day to create a narrative where music, film and love meet forces to create visual poetry.