As a newly engaged couple I’m sure you have been developing a mental list of “must have” photographs for your wedding day since you said “heck yes” to the proposal. As wedding photographers some of our favorite wedding photos of the day are the getting ready photos before the wedding ceremony. Seeing the two of you surrounded by your best friends and family with all of those pre “I do” nerves and excitement is always so fun to witness as wedding photographers.

While a lot of this part of the day is just documenting the moments as they unfold between you and your loved ones there is also often time to create some really fun photos of you and your wedding party. I could give you a laundry list of wedding blog posts that outline “must have photographs of you and your bridesmaids or groomsmen” but we always like to do something a little out of the box whenever possible. I mean, you are one of a kind shouldn’t your wedding day photos also be one of a kind?

That’s why we wanted to outline some fun things you could bring on the wedding day that can really give some of your getting ready photos with your bridal party that extra bit of personality. Because, if there is any day to be a little extra with amping up the fun it’s your wedding day!

Here are some of the things I was totally inspired by online that I think based on different personalities would make for some totally fun photos with your guys or gals. Maybe you’ll find one that’s totally you or maybe one of them will spark up an idea for something different. If you have any recommendations we would absolutely LOVE if you would share them below so everyone can benefit from your creativity.

We will start with ladies first…


bridesmaids with parasols.

Disco balls (because I wish I were a seventies child and I know I’m not the only one).

Love balloon (all you need is love).

Girls Girls Girls Balloons (who run the world?).

Bride Balloon (you’re only a bride once, live it up!).

Lace parasols (double as sun protection).

Fan veils could be really fun and still elegant in all white (my mind goes straight to a cool slow shutter with some movement).

If you have a pool at your getting ready location bring fun floaties like engagement ring, flamingos, swans etc. (the idea of this shot in my mind, gets me so giddy! I think if the bride was in a swan and her girls in pink flamingos it would be SO CUTE). Or all of you can just pile into this massive swan and pop bottles in the pool pre ceremony. 

Fun things to wear

Bridesmaids in matching pajamas toasting champagne.

Girl, if you’re a guac is extra but so am I kind of chick (hello, hand raised!) then you need this robe to wear over some white PJ’s for some epic getting ready photos. Trust me I saw it on the gram and it was ahhh-mazing!

Flower crowns (no brainer, totes adorable).

Yasss fan (because, Yasssss you found your person!).

Heart shaped sunglasses (saw these on some blog and I was all heart eyed without even wearing them).

Matching robes and hair turbans (like being poolside at a spa with your gals). As a photographer who has captured many a bridesmaid robe shot I really recommend going with maxi robes. For robe shots with your bridesmaids you’re often sitting and the short robes just don’t cover and always show a ton of upper thigh, make your girls feel like queens in a longer style bridesmaid robe.

Fuzzy matching slippers (bougie + fun, two of our fave things, the girls can do a color and bride do white to stand out).

For the mermaids mermaid tail snuggies (I know I’m not the only mermaid obsessed chica, who’s with me?).

Things for throwing

Bridesmaids in matching pajamas throwing confetti at the bride.

Confetti poppers (if your venue allows them these are SO FUN, you can look for biodegradable which may be more acceptable to your venue).

Petals for throwing (my forever fave, they never fail me, you can ask your florist if they have extra).

Streamers for throwing (if your venue doesn’t allow confetti, streamers make for easy cleanup, make sure there is a roll for each girl to throw in the air above the bride, as a wedding photographer I recommend a variety of colors for a fun confetti like effect).

Boho babes rattan crowns and boho robes, the more pom poms and tassels the better (totally my vibe, maybe it’s yours too).

Something Sentimental

Bride crying with bridesmaids at Ethereal Gardens wedding venue in Escondido.

Each bridesmaid bring one photo of the two of you from the past and get a photograph together holding it out or reenacting it. 

Each girls bring a letter for the bride (let the tears and laughter ensue).

Activities that make for fun photos and great reactions

Cards against humanity (nuff said).

Twister (idk, I could be wacky or it could be hilarious).


Bride and Groom on decorated bird scooters for their grand entrance at Luce Loft.

Deck out your transportation like your golf cart with your girls or any transport taking you to the ceremony (light pink retro car, heck yes!).

Food + Drink

In-N-Out Burger or any fun treats can always be a great photo op (make sure you ask for the In-N-Out hats if you get the burgers).

Pineapples to sip out of or coconuts for tropical weddings so cute paired with palm printed robes (if you like pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain).

Really fun straws (maybe one for each personality?).

And last but definitely not least, the fellas…

Groom and groomsmen at a San Diego wedding.


Colored smoke bombs (check with your venue) but when different members of the wedding party hold these in the air in different colors the results are MAGIC.

Balloons (it’s a celebration after all!).

Cigars (cigars + night photography = happy photographers).

Groom and groomsmen smoking cigars at a San Diego wedding.

Hats like fedoras (we will expect moves like MJ).

Steins (treat your tasty brew to an awesome home in a stein).

Matching boxers (we’ve seen our share of butts folks, we’re not shy if you’re not).

Groom and groomsmen in kilts with matching boxers at Twin Oaks Gardens wedding venue

Personal bottles of liquor (have each guy bring his fave spirit).

bottles of liquor that look like tommy guns (too fun to pass up).

Shades (nothing like some sharp dressed men in some stunner shades).

Matching robes.



Poker set (and your poker face).

Cards against humanity (many hilarious reactions to be had).

If you’re feeling extra

Bring a professional barber in for the day and have them give you and your guys a fresh shave and shape up.

For throwing

Wedding party popping champagne at Ethereal Gardens wedding venue.

Streamers (when the venue doesn’t allow confetti poppers, streamers make for easy clean up, make sure there is a roll for each person to throw at the groom).

Champagne (cheap bottles so you don’t feel bad spraying them).

Confetti poppers (look for biodegradable so the venue allows them).

Something Sentimental

Have each groomsman bring one photo of the two of you from the past and get a photograph together holding it out or reenacting it.


Get a cool ride or deck out the golf cart.






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