May wore a white fur stole and old Hollywood waves during her wedding reception at Twin Oaks Garden Estate. She was the epitome of old Hollywood glamour meets vixen as she and Anthony busted out several incredible dance moves beneath the tented reception space while wedding guests looked on. (My favorite of the series is may on her knees arms up in the air as Anthony breaks it down in his Groom shades but more on that later).

This wedding is what you get when your couples are incredibly thoughtful planners. Every last detail was thought out and totally curated to them and their love story. We arrived early to scout out the Twin Oaks Garden Estate wedding venue. This place has personality for days. An old school house from the 1800’s it has been converted into a wonderland of a wedding venue. There truly are new things to discover around every corner.

May arrived and within minutes greeted me with the biggest hug, which I fully appreciated. We adore our couples that treat us like humans, edging on friends rather than treating us like a vendor. Her bridesmaids and mama were all with her as she settled into the epic bridal suite at Twin Oaks Garden Estate. The massive chandelier immediately had my eye as I am like a moth to the flame when it comes to shiny sparkly things. But what had my eye even more was all of the beautiful little gifts Anthony had laid out for May to discover in the suite.

This was the most all out thoughtful gesture I have seen. May’s sister lifted up a stack of envelopes bound with a ribbon from Anthony to May and the room silenced. She read out the words on the front of each envelope. “Open now” “Open on January 11, 2020” “Open when we buy our first home” They went on the stack had to be at least twenty envelopes thick and I’m getting the goose bumps all over again just talking about it. The letters were accompanied by a map to check off the places they’ve traveled together with a letter saying it better be filled with pins once they are in their old age. And of course May’s favorite bottle of tequila was among the sentiments left for her from Anthony (wise man).

By this point the tears and the mimosas were flowing. The bridesmaids each took a moment to read letters left to them by May as well as May’s mama. I was really happy I wore my waterproof mascara and didn’t go overboard on my eyeliner because at this point it would’ve been raccoon eyes for sure. Hair and makeup wrapped up just in time for the bridesmaids to test its waterproof capabilities while they did a first look with May. The girls joined hands, clenching them in anticipation before turning around to see May looking like a dream. Her body draped in lace by Casa Blanca Bridal, her makeup to friggn’ perfection by Alyssa O’Dell and her hair twisted back with timeless elegance by Sierra Espinosa. She was a vision and the rest of us could barely see as we batted back tears.

May and Anthony decided to do a first touch near the greenhouse on the lawn at Twin Oaks Garden. He wore a blindfold and I knew immediately we would get along when we shared laughs over Bird Box movie references. But all playfulness aside, this wedding day kept making me cry. May wrapped her arms under Anthony’s and placed her hands on his chest before he turned around for the tightest bear hug. The two held each other and shared a few words before the walk down the aisle.

The strings began as the sun leaked through the trees and cascaded on the ceremony site. May and her mother locked arms as she made her way to Anthony. You have to peep the photo of her reaction down the aisle when she saw him, again with the goose bumps for me. The two wrote their own vows and really had us all pushing the limits on our waterproof mascara. At this point the bridesmaids had shed so many tears dehydration could be a concern (only kidding) but there wasn’t a dry eye in the house and I seriously could feel every little ounce of love these two have for each other as they talked about being only kids when they first met, finding God together and Anthony confessing that he prays everyday for God to just make May’s life everything she ever wanted it to be. Now do you see what I am saying about the tears? I mean come on who can hold back with mush of the caliber? So so touching.

After making it official we took the newlyweds and the bridal party for some wedding portraits before sending the groomsmen and bridesmaids off to cocktail hour so they could shake off the tears and prepare to start shaking it on the dance floor. We took May and Anthony around the property at Twin Oaks House for their couples portraits. The winter sun began to set and twilight crept upon us as we snapped photos of the sweet souls beneath the twinkle lights.

May did a quick hair swap opting for those sultry Hollywood waves, put on her fur stole and was ready for the grand entrance into the wedding reception. Guests cheered them on as they shared their first dance to Dan + Shay’s song “Speechless” I love the photos where you can see them belting out the words to each other as they danced their first dance as husband and wife. A few epic night shots later and a whole lot of busting it on the dance floor and it was our time to depart from the newlyweds side. We are just so happy these two found each other, fell in love and then let us into their world for a day. All of the love you two!!

So I have babbled on enough now and I leave you with May + Anthony’s Romantic Twin Oaks House wedding.


Their Love Story…

We met in high school. I had noticed him much earlier than he had noticed me. After high school we spent a lot of time together because of a mutual friend group. I was going away for college but we decided to give a long distance relationship a shot. It was hard at times but we made it work. I would say I always knew I wanted him to be the one but I probably realized he was the one after about a year of being long distance. He has been my best friend ever since we began dating and that has been the foundation that we have been able to build upon. He proposed in Time Square in New York city around midnight. We take an anniversary vacation every year and for our 6 year anniversary we were heading to New York City. Our flight had been delayed so we arrived in NYC really late. But we were excited to be out (and he had planned to ask that night) so we freshened up and headed to times square. He pulled me aside and asked if I would pose for a picture with him. We took a photo and he hugged me and whispered in my ear how much he loved me. Then he got down on one knee and I just cried & said yes!



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