Posing and Directing Couples for Genuine Emotion in 2020

Oh hey! Thanks for joining us in our littler corner of the internet! We are so happy you found us and that you want to improve your photography skills and the photography experience you give to your

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You found your lobster (any other Friends fans in the house? Just us? Okay, moving right along). You’re here because you’re a recently engaged San Diego couple and it’s time to start thinking about commemorating that with

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for photographers

Creating and growing Emry Photography wasn’t something that happened overnight—and for that, we’re truly grateful. We wouldn’t be where we are now without the experiences we’ve had.

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    albums + wall art

    Wish your wedding day didn’t have to end? With our custom albums and wall art it doesn’t have to! You can relive your favorite moments and all of the special details through pages and prints for years to come.

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