You found your person and you two are getting married, yay! Now it’s time to plan a wedding that is uniquely you, but where to begin? It’s hard enough finding your special someone in this big beautiful world but now you have to find the perfect wedding venue and the perfect creatives who can bring your wedding day vision to life. As Temecula wedding photographers we know saying “I do” to your wedding vendors and wedding venue can be difficult, there are so many options out there and you don’t want to settle on one only to find someone who better suits your personality & style later in the wedding planning process. This blog is here to help you decide if getting married in Temecula, California is the right choice for you and your fiancé.

Whether you two are planning an intimate elopement or planning an elaborate wedding for hundreds of friends & family, there is no place quite like Temecula, California to make it official. So, before you say “I do” let us round up our top five reasons why you should consider a Temecula, California wedding.

  1. Temecula has so many wedding venues that offer Wednesday, Thursday and Friday weddings. Unlike the city you can plan a wedding for almost any day of the week and with any number of guests. We recently photographed an intimate Thursday wedding at Lake Oak Meadows with a total of about fifty guests in attendance. Wedding Venues like Lake Oak Meadows can be hard to come by allowing these more intimate weddings with a smaller number of guests.Bride and groom dancing at Lake Oak Meadows in Temecula, CA.
  2. Your planning experience will be easy breezy. No need to stress out and try to plan your wedding all yourself. The ease and convenience for both you and your wedding guests is one of the main reasons you should have your wedding in Temecula, CA. There are so many hotel options in Temecula to accommodate your out of town guests at every budget and many shuttle options to get them to your wedding venue. Many of the Temecula winery weddings we have photographed include a day of wedding coordinator to make sure everything runs according to timeline and without hiccups.
  3. The grounds are so beautiful that it allows you to save on flowers and décor. If you plan your Temecula winery wedding for the right time of year the grape vines will be in bloom making for beautiful wedding portraits in the vines. Many of the Temecula venues we have photographed offer a barrel room or an outdoor space for your wedding. Both of these ceremony and reception spaces can save you money on décor. The dimly lit barrel rooms are stunning on their own. They provide warm lighting and a romantic mood. The outdoor spaces are equally stunning, many have astro-turf so it’s green year round! There is nothing worse that showing up to your wedding venue on your big day and there are patches of dead grass where you planned on taking all of your family portraits. Between the built in arbors at most Temecula wineries, the tall cypress trees, and the green hedges there is minimal decorating to be done allowing you to put some of your wedding budget else where, say photography (lol)? Both Callaway winery & Falkner winery come to mind as Temecula wedding venues that really don’t need much décor. Both have amazing landscaping, small gazebos scattered throughout, and beautiful fountains and water features.
  4. If most of your guests are coming from outside of the Temecula area then Temecula wine country is the ultimate destination wedding. It’s so fun when one of the happiest days of your lives can double as a vacation or even a bucket list scratch off for your guests. What better place to celebrate your love than a place centered around relaxation & recreation? It really allows out of town guests to entertain themselves while visiting for the wedding, which saves you from coming up with “things to do” lists and planning brunches or luncheons etc.
  5. The kinds of wedding venues offered in Temecula are very diverse. But even at the same wedding venue we have seen so many different kinds of wedding themes work. From luxury, elegant, to rustic or bohemian you can truly mold the venues in Temecula to offer the aesthetic you want. With mountainous backdrops and awe-inspiring sunsets you can have your dream wedding in Temecula end with you and your guests dancing beneath the stars. We love photographing weddings at Temecula venues because so may of them are outdoors allowing for us to use natural light photography until dusk falls. We love being out in nature and I feel like a lot of our best work comes out when we have done weddings at Temecula’s numerous outdoor wedding venues.Bride and groom at a winery by the vines.

So if a Temecula wedding wasn’t on your radar before this and you’re in the process of planning a wedding in southern California then you and your fiancé need to Uber it down to the Temecula wineries do a tour, a tasting, make a day of it and explore all that Temecula has to offer for your dream wedding day. See our top picks for Temecula Wedding Venues HERE.


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