There is something so special about being asked to photograph the wedding of one of the people in your lives. That’s just how the stars aligned for us to capture the wedding of Liz & Elias at The Grand Tradition Estate in Fallbrook. Phyllis is more than the mother of the bride to us, she has cared for our son, Jude since he was just three months old and to us, she is GRANDMA PHYLLIS (yes, all caps because she’s that important). Her presence in our life has been such a joy and when she asked if we would photograph Liz’s wedding we were both taken aback and leaping at the opportunity.

After playing around with ideas of New Orleans and Palm Springs for their nuptials Liz + Eli chose to have their intimate wedding at The Grand Tradition Estate in Fallbrook. One step onto the winding pathway at Arbor Terrace and you’ll swear you were transported to Hawaii.  There is no place in our opinion that beats a wedding at The Grand Tradition, but then again we may be biased because that’s where we tied the knot as well.

The sun was beaming and the Thursday afternoon carried with it a serenity. Both the bridal suite and grooms suite were bursting with the joy of family, togetherness and love. No hustle or bustle, no real nerves and no stress just smiles and full hearts. Liz’s details are my favorite to date, freshwater pearl earrings, anklets and a headband complimented her free flowing wedding dress by Grace Loves Lace. She was an absolute vision and embodied everything I would imagine for a forest nymph except with a more beachy, island vibe. What stood out to me was that every woman in her life that was in that bridal suite with her kept saying what a vision she was of course, but also that all of her choices were “so her” and I absolutely loved that! I think your wedding day is the best day to celebrate yourself and your style, it’s a day that everyone should be thinking “oh, that is so her” when they see you and Liz nailed it.

Eli made a statement in a burgundy tuxedo jacket, black trousers with a satin stripe and a bow tie. The calmness and joy found in the bridal suite was equally reflected in the groom suite. It was a sore-cheeks, happy kind of day. Liz + Eli opted for a first look outside of the suites, warm hugs and happy smiles ensued as we all watched with contagious grins.

The ceremony was officiated by Liz’s, mothers, cousin (did you follow that? Haha). We love when a family member or friend officiates the wedding, it’s just so personal. Eli walked down the rose scattered ceremony aisle and stood at its end awaiting Liz escorted by her father (Who to our little one is Papa Jack, yup this wedding was like fam). Seeing Liz and her father share in smiles and conversation as they approached a tearing Eli warmed all our hearts. As you’ll see in the photos Liz has an infectious smile and as she approached Eli she was grinning ear to ear along with the rest of us.

There was laughter, there were tears, there was a hilarious uncle with a camera phone who became my right-hand man and it all ended with a beautiful bang as a friend of the couple sang “Come What May” before the newlyweds exited the ceremony site man + Wife. Guests were in tears, the couple was in tears and Ryan + I were blinking them back behind the camera as well.

Romance ensued under the white tented reception space. Market lights and burning candles illuminated the space with their soft glow. Everyone took their seats at their tables dressed with greenery and red roses and the flickering flame of the candles. The speeches left everyone with their faces buried in napkins as the speakers spanned topics of love, loss, honoring Eli’s late mother and the fact that Liz may in fact be a unicorn. The couples best friends had us all laughing with movie quotes from Princess Diaries and reminiscing on sneaking out as teens. The chocolate fountain and the vino were flowing as the dance floor opened. The night ended with people rolling on the floor in laughter (we kid you not, just peep the photos and you’ll see) and everyone linking arms into one large circle for the final song of the night.

This was truly a family gathering from siblings, cousins, parents, aunts, uncles and the family we choose (our friends) to the Fallbrook crew the camaraderie and love was immense and everyone was swept up in the moment and the warm breeze of Spring as the evening came to its close. A huge thank you to Liz + Eli for allowing us to document their celebration.

Photography: Emry Photography| Venue: Grand Tradition Estate| Brides Gown: Grace Loves Lace| Brides Accessories: Grace Loves Lace + Grandmother’s ring| Flowers: Sherrie’s Flowers| Cake: Nothing Bundt Cakes| DJ: DJ Danny| Hair: Gabi Goodling| Favors: Etsy|


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