We love seeing what the Emry Photography creative team creates as we edit the photographs from the weddings they’ve photographed but we also can’t help but wish we had been there. Aubree + Brandon’s wedding at Twin Oaks House was no different. Immediately upon opening their gallery and seeing their chalk board wedding sign outside of the ceremony site that read “He’s my Lobster” we knew these Friends fans would jive with us.

The couple spent the day getting ready in the amazing bridal and grooms suites at Twin Oaks House and Gardens, the perfect wedding venue for their rustic garden inspired wedding. The joy while getting ready was so apparent as the laughter and hugs flowed endlessly along with the beer and champagne. Aubree had the sweetest reveal with her father. He walked through the door to see his little girl in her gorgeous lace wedding gown. The tears welled up in his eyes as they embraced while Aubree’s mother peeked in to catch the moment from the door.

Aubree and Brandon had written each other notes to read before the ceremony, both of them lit up as they read words from the other. Brandon’s reaction to Aubree walking down the aisle was so touching. We couldn’t pick a favorite and it’s so amazing how we feel like we were there through the photos. Seeing his face go from holding his breath, to deep exhales, to a deep red holding back the tears, to finally letting go and swiping the tears away as they fall to his cheek. A rollercoaster of emotion, especially after the deep laughter we had just before as the “flower man” came down the aisle with his Pacifico ice bucket chock full of beers that he first shot gunned at the end of the aisle and then proceeded to hand out to guests seated at the ceremony. Just when you think it can’t get better than that he swings the bucket up in the air to release a clous of white flower petals. Yeah, Flower men with beer buckets might be our new favorite thing!

Post I-do the crowd threw their arms up for the drone flying overhead and then the newlyweds were off for their wedding portraits. After a little fun and some alone time to just be together it was time to return them for their wedding reception. Guests dined beneath the white tented reception space. The tables had rustic rod iron lanterns and were dripping in burgundy and white blooms. We loved the long family style table for the bridal party. I have to say Aubree + Brandon’s dance floor was the gift that just kept on giving. From Lucha Libre mask wearing bandits that surprise attacked the groom, to the bride and groom standing on chairs as a lined formed to pour alcohol in the mouths of their guests. The final shot of the night is one of my favorites as the groom’s mother and sister are jumping up in the air dancing to the music while Aubree and Brandon embrace for a kiss during the last song of the night. Guests departed that night with an abundance of new memories and some delicious homemade pepper jam courtesy of the bride’s family a pretty perfect way to spend a Saturday night.

Aubree + Brandon, thank you so much for allowing us to witness all of these beautiful moments. May the fourth be with you both, always!

The couples rad vendor team: Photography: Emry Photography| Venue: Twin Oaks House & Gardens| Bride’s Dress: M Bride| Bridesmaids Gowns: Azazi| Flowers: Christy Ortiz| Hair: Peretti Hill| DJ: Danny Aon|


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