Yay!! You’re getting married and chances are you clicked on this post because you remember the pain of being a bridesmaid and shelling out $200-300 of your hard earned money for a dress that hasn’t seen the light of day since your friends wedding. I have a graveyard of bridesmaids dresses just hanging sadly at the back of my closet collecting dust and creating resentment over the $1,000’s spent on a one time use item. Hence why they are at the back of the closet, we don’t need the daily reminder.

It almost stings. We knew when she showed it to us we would never wear it again but we go to the ends of the earth to make our besties happy so we pulled out that credit and did it anyway. The days of all matching bridesmaids dresses are behind us, rejoice! After photographing hundreds of weddings I have seen some really sensational bridesmaid fashion and the trailblazing brides behind the ideas and I just had to share with you some out of the box bridesmaid dress ideas that your bridal party will love you for.

I have scoured the internet corner to corner for the chicest, bridesmaids gowns that your girls will ACTUALLY wear again. I’m also going to be sharing some of my favorite trends along the way. So buckle up sweetheart here’s how to get your crew on point.

“Ain’t nobody fresher than my clique, clique, clique….As I look around they don’t do it like my clique, clique, clique” Okay Kanye moment over but seriously your girl crew is made up of saints, the family you’ve chosen and they should all look and feel like queens while you may chose the length of the dresses they wear maybe let them choose the silhouette or hue within a given palette that complements your wedding. This increases the odds they will wear it again because they can choose a silhouette  and hue that makes them feel confident.

significant other fashion label bridesmaids dresses

Significant Other

This brings me to my first note worthy brand to check out for bridesmaids dresses. Significant Other is an Australian label that has been on my personal radar for seriously swoon worthy summer dresses, laid back yet chic is the only way to describe the labels duds. I personally am obsessed with how easy it is to slip on one of their dresses and look perfectly relaxed yet sexy for a summer date night.

Being located out of San Diego, CA. I can personally think of so many Southern California wedding venues that these bridesmaids dresses would work perfectly with. And I can assure you your girls will wear these again!!! And if not there is a huge demand for the label on platform like Poshmark. So they can recoup some of their money which they wouldn’t be able to do with that David’s Bridal dress. They can totally utilize these for cocktail parties, date nights, some of the more tropical or grecian inspired gowns would be gorgeous while on vacation to wear to dinner at the resort. Here are a few of my faves for bridesmaids.

01. The Caspian Dress $299.95, which I clearly love because it made the list 3x in different patterns and colors. This one would be fun for a bold bride who wants to go with the patterned bridesmaid dress trend. I could totally see this at a few of our favorite San Diego wedding venues like The Grand Tradition or Paradise falls. This would really suit any wedding with a tropical feel.

02. The Camille Dress $189.95, I am in love with the color of this dress called Almond. The ruching detail is also oh so flattering and the cut is so versatile that your girls would definitely get a lot of use out of this gown. Is it just me or does this also look like it would be way more expensive?

03. The Daphne Dress $289.95, I am ALL ABOUT that laid back linen look. This would be utterly gorgeous for a beach wedding, boho wedding, field wedding really any wedding where you want your girls fashion to be understated yet chic. The more I talk about this dress the more I think I just need to put it in my cart ASAP. Also the white/cream and off-white bridesmaid dress trend is so stunning. Say goodbye to the days of the bride being the only one wearing white on the wedding day. If the Daphne dress isn’t enough to convince you of white bridesmaids dresses then check out the Lucine dress and this post. 

04. The Lucine Dress $189.95, it comes in three colors, a gorgeous cream, olive and lavender so it has you covered for any wedding season. Love the length on this dress too which makes it even more friendly for wearing again vs. a floor length dress.

05.The Caspian Dress in Lavender Geo $299.95, I told you I just love this dress it’s so summery and goddess like which who doesn’t want their besties to feel like goddesses? Also it’s in one of the hot hues for 2021, goodbye millennial pink and hello sophisticated lavender.

06. The Savannah Dress $319.95, okay so this is one of the few dresses I added to the list that checks in above $300 but hear me out every girl needs a LBD (or little black dress) this one is classy because of the inky hue but also approachable enough with the relaxed fabric and fun cut that she would get a TON of wear out of.

07. Like a broken record The Caspian Dress $299.95, but I had too, you understand right? I mean this hue alone is just gorgeous. I am envisioning this with punchy, juicy summer hues like papaya and raspberry blooms, relaxed braids and strappy heels. This would look gorgeous at Tivoli Italian Villa, The Grand Tradition or Ethereal Gardens heck anywhere you are tying the knot.

08. The Sirene Dress $259.95, okay so this is one of the “sexier” ones on the list but I’ve seen people rock way sexier bridesmaids dresses at weddings before. I adore this color too, I am imagining it with a lot of toffee or peach roses and dried textured florals. The ruching is also really flattering rather than something than just hugs the midsection.

Free People clothing brand bridesmaid dresses.

Free People

Free People, who doesn’t love Free People? I may be biased as the brand always makes my list for gift cards when it comes to my birthday or Christmas but they have some seriously beautiful maxi dresses that would be perfect for a bridesmaid. Again if it wasn’t her style the perk with Free People is that after the wedding she could put it up on Poshmark because there are always people in the market for Free People clothes. Here is my round up for your gals.

01. The Rosabel Maxi Dress $279.00, this dress is so pretty, very delicate and simple but feels elevated because of the silky texture and cowl neck. Bonus it comes in seven of 2021’s hottest shades. I am loving this champagne color called “Sand”.

02, 03, 04. The Beatrice Maxi $250.00, that deep V neck line is SO flattering and the hues are on point.

The silky slip dress trend for bridesmaids is everywhere for 2020 and 2021 and I really don’t see it leaving anytime soon. The silky slip dress is so versatile it can be really glammed up and classy or relaxed and even boho depending on the accessories and bouquets you choose for your girls. I am OBSESSED and they will DEF wear them again. Also the all-white bridal party trend is a major thing and I am majorly crushing on it. It’s beautiful, crisp and fresh and looks amazing for a summer wedding when your girls will all be bronzed and kissed by the sun.

Leave Her Wilder, Shona Joy and Asos all have options to nail the trend at varying prices.

various bridesmaids dresses for 2021

Leave Her Wilder

01. The Ricky Gown $249.00, these dresses by Leave Her Wilder are meant for bridesmaid unlike the previous categories but they are totally bound to be reworn. They come in 11 on trend colors. Spice may have to be my favorite though.

02. The Ziggy Gown $287.00

03. The Arizona Gown $325.00, that back though!

04. The Phoenix Set $279.00, she will get a lot of miles out of this set.

Shona Joy

The most expensive on the list but hear me out, these dresses are gorgeous and made so well. Also because they are meant for bridesmaids you will be able to find numerous silhouettes in the same hue so your girls can choose which silhouette they like the best. Shona Joy just had to make the list. Also these dresses of course are super versatile I would wear any of these while on vacation, out for a fancy date night, or to after work cocktails, even a girls night out theres a ton of reasons & excuses to wear a dress that makes you feel like million bucks.

05. La Lune Cowl Draped Maxi Dress Desert Rose, $385.00, this color makes me get all starry eyed.

06. Joan Plunged Midi Dress in Sage, $325.00 on sale currently (4/20/20) for $243.

07. Joan Wrap Midi Dress in Gold, $280, on sale (4/20/20) for $210.

08. Oro Tie Front One Shoulder Midi Dress in Mocha, $305.00, this cut is so sophisticated it would look amazing for a loft wedding or an urban wedding.

09. Soiree Bias Maxi Dress in Rose Gold $450.00, just in case you or your girls are feeling “extra”.

10. Luxe Bias Asymmetrical Slip Dress in Rose $280.00 but as of 4/20/20 on sale for $180.00


11. Asos Design premium pleat maxi dress with rhinestone trim in Ivory, $103.00 

12. Missguided Bridesmaid Bardot dress in navy $48.00, yeah you read that right under $50

13. Asos Design Bridesmaid Washed Satin cami maxi dress $119.00, love the movement on this one.

14. Asos Design wrap bodice midi dress with drape back, $72, apparently I’m in a drape back mood and so are designers.

15. ASOS DESIGN Bridesmaid ruched bodice drape maxi dress with wrap waist, $119.00, She could totes wear this on vacay for a dinner date with the honey.

Which ones are your favorite? Where did your bridesmaids get their dresses? Let us know in the comments below or over on instagram. Until next time!




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