As wedding photographers, we have photographed love A LOT, hundreds of weddings in total and we have seen all kinds of wedding gifts given on the wedding day. We polled our audience on Instagram (follow us here if you aren’t already following along) and they have spoken. A blog dedicated to wedding gift ideas that go beyond the typical “watch for him”, “Jewelry for her” gifts which are both great but a bit vanilla and if you’re anything like us you’re more of a banana split kind of person.

As a married couple ourselves, we know buying the “perfect” gift for your spouse can feel as impossible as winning the lottery. Buying your fiancé a gift for holidays and birthdays is hard enough then combine that with wedding planning and you’re racking your brain for unique wedding gift ideas on top of everything else you have going on. Fret not friend, we have you covered. We personally scoured thousands of pages of search results on the internet to find you the best of the best wedding gift ideas to give your significant other on the wedding day. From personalized wedding gifts to unique wedding gifts the gift ideas below are the best wedding day gifts the internet has to offer. Keep scrolling for the goods.

Wedding Day gift Ideas for Him…

For the beer lover or Wine Lover

Personalized stein

Personalized growler

Beer of the month gift card

Home brew kit

Marble wine cooler and a nice bottle of red

For the artisan spirit lover

Tequila of the month club

Whiskey of the month club

A nice bottle of tequila with Himalayan salt shot glasses he will most definitely enjoy with his groomsmen (if he’s in a sharing kind of mood).

A really nice bottle of craft whiskey or scotch (whatever suits his fancy)

A decanter set engraved with your wedding date

His, hers, ours decanter set ( who says he’s the only one that gets to benefit from this gift).

Stone spirit dispenser (way cool and a great addition to your place after the wedding)

For the outdoorsman

Personalized Knife

For the fashion savvy

Cuff links

Walnut wood sunglasses

Engraved pocket watch

Engraved wrist watch

Leather monogrammed duffel bag

Leather monogrammed toiletry bag, great for the honeymoon


For just about anyone


Boudoir Session. This genre of photography is Emily’s Jam! Have a fun afternoon of sipping champagne noshing on fresh fruit and taking personalized photos sure to make your man say DAMN! Inquire about her Bridal Boudoir Collections HERE.

Bridal boudoir black and white photo of woman in sheet.



Something funny

So you don’t get cold feet socks


Something Sentimental

Star map from the night you met or the night you got engaged.

A surprise for your honeymoon that totally suits their personality (i.e. surprise them with a brewery tour, scuba diving, ATV tour, chartered fishing day, cooking class they had these when we were in Italy, so fun!).

Custom Song Lyric Print for “your song”

12 months of dates for your first year of marriage with a date subscription box we love CRATED WITH LOVE date night boxes which we actually give as gifts to our couples. In our world giving an experience rather than something tangible can often be even more special.

For the Wanderlust

Push pin map marking the places you’ve already traveled together with more pins for your future adventures as a married couple.

Leather monogrammed duffel bag.

Leather monogrammed passport cover.



Gift a journal that you begin shortly after getting engaged, you could just talk about amazing days you’ve had, how much you care for your honey, how they make you feel, a moment in the whole wedding planning process that you two really felt proud of each other, a time when you really needed them and they helped you get through something difficult. Make it so that after you gift it, it isn’t full and the both of you can add to it. It’s the gift that keeps on giving because someday it’s something your future children could cherish it as a story of your love

Twelve months of dates for your first year of marriage! You could include it with a little note about how you promise to never stop keeping things exciting so here I have 12 months of dates planned for our first year of marriage. You can put them on paper and draw from a hat, on popsicle sticks in a mason jar or just have them preplanned without him drawing them himself.


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