We have to say, from a photographer’s perspective Balboa Park has it all! If you’re envisioning a dynamic engagement session then we would definitely recommend Balboa Park. From the massive Jurassic Park like trees, to the architecture and the gardens your one or two hour engagement session can look like you hopped around to multiple locations. The only downside at Balboa is the crowds but most people are extremely respectful and will try not to photobomb your engagement session (lol). Sometimes you’ll get the oblivious runner with earbuds on totally in the zone like we did at Brian & Christine’s engagement session but it makes for a funny capture and the amazing thing about engagement sessions is there is always the option to do another take at the photograph.

We kicked off Brian & Christine’s engagement session at Palm Canyon in the massive Moreton Bay Fig trees there that I have dubbed “Jurassic Park Trees” just because they really give the feeling that they have been there forever. This location is so beautiful for an engagement session, the roots of the trees provide alcoves for so many interesting poses. Then we walked over towards the courtyard and played around with different vignettes featuring the stunning architecture at Balboa. We love the interest these backgrounds can add to your engagement session photos. I could totally see a European themed engagement session at Balboa because when you look at some of these photos it looks like the photograph could’ve been taken on a vacation in an old European city.

We moved it over to the garden and lily pond to hit that golden hour of sun light just before sunset. We had to of course get that iconic photograph in front of the Butterfly Cage at Balboa Park. My personal fave is when Christine just pulled Brian in hand on his hat for a moment all their own, I just love the expression lost in each other’s eyes. Maybe I’m a hopeless romantic and that’s why that one resonates with me so much. I’d love to hear everyone favorite, comment below.

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