With the wedding busy season here in full force we wanted to take a minute to provide some great and useful resources for our fellow wedding photographers out there.  We are often asked for tips and tricks from photographers on how to not only survive the busy wedding season, but how to ultimately provide the best service to their couples.  We were recently interviewed by ShootDotEdit on this topic and they have put together a very comprehensive guide for all of us.  You can check it out HERE

One of the other most important areas of being a wedding photographer is having a strong social media presence.  Social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram have provided a community for photographers to share their beautiful work while also make great connections with other creatives in the industry.  We were inspired by a recent blog post that ShootDotEdit has put out focusing on Instagram with some great tips from some of the top wedding photographers in the world.  You can check this out HERE 

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We are wedding photographers for those who believe in love, because Emry originated out of love. Love for each other, for imagery and for creating things that were made to last. We serve southern California & beyond. Outside of photography, our life revolves around our son, Jude and our families.

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