One of the best things about being California wedding photographers is that there are so many amazing locations for engagement sessions. You can go just about anywhere in San Diego and find beautiful scenery. For example Mallory & Sebastian’s engagement session was photographed in our neighborhood, here in Fallbrook, CA. It was a perfect compliment to their wedding venue, Ethereal Open Air Resort in Escondido, California. The scenery here has a rustic element with horse trails and wooden fences but offers up a lot of lush greenery and blooming flowers just like Ethereal Open Air Resort. Making it a great fit for Mallory & Sebastian’s engagement session.


Mallory & Sebastian met about 4 years ago through college friends. The two of them connected immediately and have been inseparable ever since.

Well, with the minor, tiniest detail that Sebastian is from Germany and they’ve been dating long distance while he finished his master’s degree in architecture for the past year in Germany.


Despite the distance these two have built a storybook love tale. After proposing to Mallory in Temecula wine country on a hot air balloon the two married in a private ceremony in Santa Barbara, California. Now, finally living together the two are planning a wedding celebration that they can share with friends and family for June, 2018.

Watching these two interact during their engagement session it is clear how in love they are. Seeing Mallory light up when Sebastian emerged after changing into his suit. Seeing Sebastian tenderly take Mallory’s hand and steady her as she made her way through rocks, sticks and grass in heels (what a trooper!). Their love is the best kind. Clearly unbreakable despite the long distance odds being stacked against them. It’s a love of knowing gazes and of fitting effortlessly in each others arms. One that exudes contentment, trust and a deep understanding for one another. And, ultimately, it’s a love that survived true distance and can withstand anything the universe may throw their way. We had such a great time photographing these two during their engagement session, we can’t wait until their June wedding at Ethereal Open Air Resort in Escondido, CA.

Thank you to our beautiful couple Mallory & Sebastian for sharing their love story with us and being so at ease during their engagement session. We can’t wait for your beautiful wedding come June.


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