As wedding photographers we find spontaneity so alluring. There is so much magic and beauty surrounding the unknown & unexpected. While we may hope for clear skies and that the wedding adheres to our detailed plans, deep down we know that true beauty unfolds before you when you simply let go. They say that rain on your wedding day is a good omen, while we don’t exactly know where this saying came from we have learned to embrace it, especially after this weekends wedding between Marlina & Gilbert. Moody skies and low hanging fog swept over the Temecula estate swirling with anticipation. The landscape glistened with water droplets from the fine mist dancing overhead. We were in a world all our own, it was as if we had all been transported out of Temecula to our own little microclimate where the landscape and weather runs wild and true romance blooms.

Threatened with hovering rain clouds Marlina & Gilbert’s wedding became a celebration at the mercy of the elements. Rather than resort to a plan B the couple embraced mother-natures artistry and the poetry of the unexpected.

Nestled in the rolling hills of Temecula Marlina & Gilbert exchanged their vows on the lawn of the private estate. A fine mist delicately draped the ceremony site. Thick fog hugged the mountaintops and black umbrellas created a canopy over guests creating a beautiful clearing leading to Marlina & Gilbert. While photographing the ceremony I found myself looking up, taking the scene in. It was truly beautiful. The scene was drenched in romance, the kind that makes you truly store away that memory, the kind of romance that feels cozy & familiar but is something you haven’t experienced before.

The wedding was the most beautiful symbiosis of elegance & rustic charm, perfectly fitting for the tumbling hills of Temecula. Lush floral arrangements of rose and hydrangea adorned the end of ceremony aisles. Metallic touches of gold were carried throughout the wedding. Marlina & Gilbert braved slick rocks as they hiked up the mountainous estate to capture photos amongst the hillsides.

At the wedding reception, guests dined beneath a matrix of market lights illuminating the serene garden at the Temecula estate. Guests looked out onto the manicured lawn to witness Marlina & Gilbert’s first dance. The celebration continued beneath a star filled sky, with the celebratory sounds of clinking glasses and laughter carrying through the valley. And just as the day began glistening beneath the blanket of dew it ended glistening with a sparkler exit to send off the newlyweds. Cheers to the beautiful couple and their truly romantic story to be shared forever.

How it All Began…

They met in twenty-ten. It was trade school and Marlina couldn’t help but notice Gilbert. Hesitant to make the first move, Marlina’s cousin took matters into her own hands (every girl needs a take-charge girlfriend, am I right?). School was coming to an end so if something was going to happen it had to be now or never. Her cousin simply placed Marlina’s phone number onto Gilbert’s car (wish we could have seen his face when he stumbled upon it). Gilbert didn’t waste any time and called Marlina that day, the two have been together ever since. Marlina grew extremely close with Gilbert’s family throughout their relationship they would do so many things together including annual vacations to Mammoth. Last year on the annual trip Gilbert mentioned checking out Marlina’s favorite lake, so the couple journeyed over and took in the views together just before Gilbert got down on one knee and proposed. Marlina could not wait to get back to the house to tell the entire family (little did she know, they were all in on it). She arrived at the house surprised to see it decorated not only with décor but with friends and family as well. Marlina was stunned at the fact he was able to get “every. Last. One. Of them out there for this special moment” in their lives.

Marlina & Gilbert’s Hand Selected Team of Creatives

|Venue Aviation Vineyards| Flowers Irises Floral Design| Hair Aida of Studio Kay| Makeup Makeup by Ellyn| DJ Aeron of Bouquet Sound| Cake Batter Up Bakery| Wedding Dress Bellasposa Bridal|


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