Alexis + Adrian

Let us just say, we felt like fish out of water on this photo shoot at first. I mean we are experienced photographers, but we are experienced wedding & engagement photographers. Photographing madly in love couples is a whole different ball game than photographing a branding photo shoot and we must say- we were a bit nervous. Why the nerves? Well the photo shoot was for Alexis & Adrian of Together For Better Events and we really like them, so of course we wanted to deliver beyond their wildest dreams.

Being wedding photographers we don’t normally take on projects other than weddings and engagements but for these two we were happy to take a swing at it! Together For Better Events brand totally aligns with our own making it the perfect pairing. Alexis & Adrian are the couple behind the brand and we love how their wedding planning and event company is run by a male & female couple.

I know when we were planning our wedding the wedding planner was solo and a female, and don’t get me wrong she was awesome! But on the same hand Ryan wasn’t exactly jumping for joy to go to meetings, sometimes the conversation can feel-dare I say- one sided? But like Emry Photography being a husband and wife team, Together For Better Events evens out the playing field and I think it would be so refreshing for grooms to have a male counterpart in their wedding planning meetings.

Their message is simple at Together For Better Events Live, Laugh & Love. This couple has been living their lives through laughter and love and want to bring that to the couples they serve. We cannot wait to see the launch of their business, which is anticipated to officially debut in October. They have a keen eye for design, impeccable attention to detail and logistics and above all maintain a serving attitude to free spirited and adventurous engaged couples. You can follow allow on Together For Better Events journey on their Instagram account and keep your eyes peeled for their highly anticipated brand launch later this fall!


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