There is just something so romantic about that old world European feel. That is exactly what Humphrey’s Estate in Temecula, CA offers. As photographers Humphrey’s is about as good as it gets for an engagement session location. The options are endless and we feel like we have only scratched the surface of possibilities at Humphrey’s Estate. Each time we have been there (two times now) we find new locations, new backdrops that provide for the perfect engagement photo.

Farrah & Hugo were looking for a location that offered up a lot of greenery and we knew Humphrey’s was the spot. We met them at the estate gates just before golden hour for an intimate evening engagement session.

Nerves always play a role at engagement sessions, it so much more “forced” than the wedding day when both of you will be riding the most amazing emotional high. But we loved watching as Farrah would just talk to Hugo as we cued them up for photos. From reminiscing on stories to practicing their first dance the couple fought through what can be an uncomfortable first time in front of the camera and made it into an evening of moments reminiscing on old times and looking forward to memories to come.

We loved just winging it with these two! We all just casually walked as we explored the grounds until we saw a vignette we just had to capture them against. We really loved the abandoned looking green house and rows of pillars on the property and both provided for some beautiful engagement photos. We captured the couple as we trekked the rolling estate while golden hour settled in upon us. We finished the session across the street because as photographers we can never say “no” to a beautiful rustic fence with the sun setting in the background. So looking forward to Farrah & Hugo’s wedding at Los Willows in Fallbrook, CA.


Ryan + Emily Burhop

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We are wedding photographers for those who believe in love, because Emry originated out of love. Love for each other, for imagery and for creating things that were made to last. We serve southern California & beyond. Outside of photography, our life revolves around our son, Jude and our families.

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