Twin Oaks House and Gardens is the perfect historic setting or Irene and Phillip’s storybook romance. The vintage school house and immaculate gardens made it a dream location for Irene and Phillip’s rustic themed wedding. Soft shades of blue and flower crowns gave the bridesmaids an ethereal feel. Irene was a classic beauty with waved locks and a stunning embroidered wedding gown from Alex Veil Bridal. Phillip wore his dress uniform and his groomsmen looked dapper in their classic black tux. But I think the cutest guest had to be the couple pup who lounged in the aisle while mom and dad tied the knot. Guests celebrated under the white tented reception space. Beautiful towering arrangements and rustic honey jars graced the tables at the wedding reception. Little did any of us know that the bride, groom and their entourage can DANCE! It became very clear once everyone hit the dance floor. From break dancing to moves that hurt me just looking at them this group knew how to party! The couple ventured out with Sarah once more for some night photographs around the beautifully lit grounds at Twin Oaks House & Gardens. It was a romantic end to a beautiful day. Wishing Irene & Phillip all of the love in the world!!

Their love story…

How we met. November 23rd 2013, Corpus Christi, Texas. Philip was in the first couple months of Navy primary flight school, and had just begun his Thanksgiving leave. Irene was in her last year of college, getting ready for her Geology Field Camp in New Zealand. After both of them almost turning in for the night Irene and Philip ended up at the same place at the same time. Katz 21.
 Irene and her friends had made plans to go out dancing. Their first attempt getting into a club failed miserably.They were turned away due to someone in the group wearing shoes that were considered too casual and if that person wasn’t going in then none of them were. After that everyone was talking in the parking lot and trying to brainstorm on where to go next. Irene was thinking about just calling it a night, however one of her friends insisted to give Katz 21 a try. Thinking, I am already out, Irene decided why not?. A friend of Philip had invited him and some other friends over that evening for an early “Friends Giving” dinner. They then decided to go out to a local country club, Whiskey River. After a few hours of drinking Philip said goodbye to the guys and drove back to the apartment ready to turn in. Before getting inside his apartment his phone rang. His friend who had been absent for most of the night wanted to do one more outing. After going back and forth, Philip decided why not, the night was still young. He met them back at the same bar but his friend who joined in late suggested a new bar, called Katz 21. From the outside, Katz 21 appeared like the place to be. The music was good, people were all around, lights, lasers, sound, smoke. The moment Irene arrived she quickly hit the bar with her friends and then headed straight to the dance floor. Philip arrived a bit later. Just as Irene had done he went straight to the bar grabbed a beer and went to stand by the dance floor with his friends. As the smoke cleared there he noticed her. Long dark hair, dancing the night away and oh she could dance. She hadn’t noticed Philip was there but he definitely saw her, and her eyes ”..beautiful” he thought. Philip was awe struck, and couldn’t conjure enough courage for the life of him to say hello. So he walked straight from the dance floor to the back porch with his friends. His thoughts were going back and forth, thinking of something to say to her. Finally, Philip and his friends walked back inside. One of Philip’s friends was already out on the dance floor, thank goodness his other friend, was there to keep him company so he didn’t look like a loner. Then he hit the dance floor too. Okay, so now Philip was all by his lonesome. At this time Irene was being spun around by her dance partner. While spinning out on the dance floor she saw Philip standing there. Holding his beer with one hand and the other hand in his pocket, looking at her. They locked eyes. In an attempt to not look awkward standing there by himself, Philip continued siping on his empty beer bottle. Smooth Phil, real smooth. “He will eventually come talk to me” Irene thought. He didn’t but he continued locking eyes with her. Next thing you know, the lights were coming on and the music stopped. Irene had to do something if Philip wasn’t going to approach her. Knowing her friend had a few drinks and had more courage than she did she asked her to ask him his ethnicity. Philip was still standing near the same area over a bar table. He checked his surroundings as the lights turned on and sure enough, he was still there by himself. Finally, it seems a friend of Irene’s has decided to walk up to Philip. (Shout out to Brittany!) “Hi, whats your ethnicity?” she asked. “I’m Filipino”, Philip responded. Philip knew this was the opportunity to speak to Irene, the one he had been eyeing this whole time, the one who caught his eye as soon as he walked in. He knew she had sent her friend to speak to him, and just like that he turned to her and asked. “Are you filipino?, You look filipino.” At this moment Philip’s mind was panicking *…what the hell did I just say to her? I just blew it*…. with the a giggle, Irene responded “I’m am Mexican.” After those first words of exchange they were being rushed out to leave the club. Next thing Philip knew, Irene grabbed his wrist and pulled him out of the club with her so they could continue their conversation outdoors.

That was the beginning of the the rest of their lives. November 24, 2013. @ 2:00 AM. Philip proposed on September 22, 2017. 
He got down on one knee on top of a mountain that took half a day hike.
They were surrounded by 360 degree views of the ocean and the lush mountains.

Here is what Irene and Phillip had to say after receiving their wedding gallery:

“This review is long overdue. EMRY photography did an amazing job for our March wedding. They are an incredibly professional team who communicate every step of the way. Our wedding would not have been the same without them. The pictures turned out better than we could have ever expected. I am so thankfully to have such beautiful pictures to look back at for the years to come.”

Creative Team

Photography: Emry Photography| Venue: Twin Oaks House & Gardens| Wedding Dress: Etsy, Alex Veil Bridal| Bridesmaids Gowns: Showmeyourmumu| Flowers: Blooming Fleurs, Nazila| Makeup: Emily Mejia| Hair: Tara of Irresistable Mess| DJ: Muzzi Entertainment| Videographer: Light Up Video| Cake: Little Hunny’s Cakery| Favors: Honey Jars, Amazon|


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We are wedding photographers for those who believe in love, because Emry originated out of love. Love for each other, for imagery and for creating things that were made to last. We serve southern California & beyond. Outside of photography, our life revolves around our son, Jude and our families.

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